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S|H The Clinic

SkinHanced is a skincare boutique specializing in corrective treatments and skincare education.​ We strive to stay on top of continuing education, trainings and technology to ensure that we are always confidently offering the most innovative and effective treatment options. SkinHanced only uses and retails professional products that have been clinically validated and scientifically formulated to effectively and safely treat some of the most common skin conditions. We are committed to helping each individual feel comfortable in their own skin through carefully curated treatment plans and home care regimens. We are here to take the guesswork out of skincare and guide you on taking care of your unique skin. All that is needed from you when you walk through our door is positive vibes and the commitment to work as a team to do what needs to be done to conquer your skin goals and enhance your skin to its healthiest and fullest potential. 

S|H The Esthetician


Shamina Hayes, LE

Thank you for choosing me as your esthetician. It is a privilege to guide you on your skincare journey and I will be your biggest supporter during this process! 


I received my education in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and began my career at a leading medical spa in 2017. In 2021, I brought my talents to Connecticut/NY and officially launched SkinHanced!


I am grateful to have trained under renowned professionals, learning the beauty industry in and out. I have spent these past years perfecting my craft through hands on experience and enrolling in continuing education training courses. I love learning about the skin and what to do and use to achieve and maintain the health of it. I have always been passionate about helping people through sharing knowledge, finding solutions, and encouraging self care/self love. Through SkinHanced, I am proud to have created a business that not only fulfills these passions but also creates a safe space to serve and support you on such an intimate journey. 

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