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You deserve to be pampered.

Facials are great for prepping the skin for more advanced treatments, preventing skin damage and addressing your skin concerns. Our facials at SkinHanced are corrective and fully customized to align with your skin type and skin goals. With both The Classic and The Signature Facials we choose and combine various modalities to correct your skin condition and nourish your skin.

The Classic.

Best option for new clients. The Classic facial is fully customized to your needs. Deep cleanse, extractions, mask, face massage and finishing products. 1 of the following modalities will be chosen for the exfoliation step based on your skin condition:



•Foam Baby Peel,

•Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, 





60 min

The Signature.

Most popular for that SkinHanced signature glow! Deep cleanse, advanced exfoliation, extractions, mask, face massage, infusion and LED. This treatment is perfect before an event or if you just want more of an advanced treatment that’s nourishing, has no downtime and leaves a guaranteed glass skin glow!




90 min

CO2 Acne Facial

A powerful AHA, BHA and antioxidant treatment with CO2 to activate the skin response through supply of oxygen, boost detoxification and anti-bacterial, promote cell regeneration & collagen production, deep cleanse through carbon dioxide emission and lighten pigmentation. 

Who should book this?

The perfect corrective facial for acne and hyperpigmentation




75 mi

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