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Hi Friends!

My name is Shamina and I am a licensed esthetician and the owner of SkinHanced. I am so excited to be starting this blog. One thing about me is I love learning and I love helping people through sharing what i've learned. When it comes to skincare, I feel that there is a lot of information on the internet and social media. When I started SkinHanced, one of my goals was to make sure that I was educating my clients so that they were never confused or overwhelmed when learning how to take care of their unique skin. Another goal of mine was to share my new journey as an entrepreneur with the hopes of potentially helping other solo estheticians or anyone interesting in taking that leap.

Ultimately, my goal with this blog is to share a mouthful! I hope that there may be something you can take from my blog and apply it to your journey whether it be a skincare journey or your journey to entrepreneurship.

Happy reading :)

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