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Your Skincare Doesn't Have To Be Complicated To Be Effective

10-12 step skincare routines have been very popular and sought out with the idea that it will help you achieve “glass skin.” But in my opinion, glass skin shouldn’t be the goal; the goal is and should always be healthy skin. And from my experience, using a bunch of products that you don’t really need can actually hurt the skin more than it can help.

When it comes to skincare, I feel as though people tend to follow trends more than they try to figure out what works for their unique skin. I'll admit, it is easier to follow what someone else is doing especially if you see that it has worked for them but the fact of the matter is everyones skin is different and what works for someone else may not work for you. This is why it is super important to work with a professional to figure out the type of skin that you have and invest in products and routines that align with your specific type and concerns.

While a 10 step routine may work amazing for some, it is not proven to be any better than using 5 solid products suited for your skin type and concerns. However, sometimes having a minimalist skincare routine can be more beneficial than an overcomplicated routine and here are some reasons why:

You're more likely to be consistent – I know for me personally if I find something to be overwhelming like a 10-12 step routine, i'm more likely to procrastinate or just avoid doing it altogether.

A simple and effective routine can be a relief for the skin- Most of the time using too many products can lead to inflammation and irritation especially for those who struggle with acne or sensitive skin.

Less is sometimes more- using a few solid and effective products geared towards your skin type/condition is more effective than using a ton of products that don’t address any of your concerns.

Saves you time and money- starting with the basics and gradually introducing necessary products into your routine is more cost effective than trying to buy a bunch of products at once to fulfill the routine. Also, when you are only working with minimal products its easier to pinpoint early on what works or doesn’t work for your skin.

Less likely to hoarder- when you focus on a minimalistic routine you're more likely to consistently use the products and replace them when you're finished. People that try to keep up with trends will keep buying whatever is popular at the time with hopes that it will work for them and when it doesn't, they push it to the back of the medicine cabinet and move on to the next.

Less likely to waste products- the skin can only absorb but so much and when using too many products at once, it's easy to layer them incorrectly, or use products that cancel each other out both decreasing your chances of getting the most from your skincare.

I'm Going, Going Back, Back To The Basics, Basics

If you’ve tried tons of products and nothing seems to work for you maybe its time to go back to the basics. The most essential products that everyone should be using is a quality cleanser, serum, moisturizer and SPF.

Cleanser- the most important step of any routine and is necessary for other products to work well.

Your cleanser should cleanse the skin and pores with out stripping it of its natural oils. A well formulated cleanser will leave the skin PH-balanced which in most cases will eliminate the need for a toner.

Serums- are the most concentrated and are formulated to penetrate the skin to effectively address and target specific skin concerns/conditions. Usually 1-2 corrective serums are ideal.

Moisturizers- add moisture to protect and nourish to the skin. ALL skin types should be using a moisturizer including oily types as this skin type still needs hydration and protection.

SPF- helps to protect the skin from UV radiation. Wearing SPF everyday is super important because excess sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation in the skin.

As you become acclimated and consistent with a basic routine, if necessary, you can gradually add on products for a more advanced routine. There are also many multifunctional products out there that will serve more than one purpose and also make your daily routine easier such as exfoliating cleansers and moisturizers with SPF. Ultimately what your routine boils down to is a routine that is effective and one you will consistently commit to doing. Regardless if it's a 5 step or 12 step routine, just make sure to avoid products that do not serve a purpose in helping you reach your skin goals.

If you need help with your skincare routine, seek professional advice from an esthetician. Estheticians are trained to help you figure out your skin type and needs and help guide you towards achieving your skin goals in the most effective way possible.

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